Bespoke POS system development services

“Make the most out of your sale with our secure, reliable & fully-integrated POS solutions.”

Result-oriented, customized POS systems designed to boost your productivity

We are a team of highly competent IT engineers who can develop scalable POS systems for every industry. Whether you run a retail store, a restaurant, an eCommerce business or a boutique, we are up to the task.
All the modules of your required POS software will be developed from scratch to solve the complexity you face in your business. Our process is highly flexible, easily customizable and evolves to accommodate your corporate needs.

Why your business needs tailored POS solutions?

Boost your KPIs

A retail company has to manage multiple operations concurrently to delight its customers. A Custom POS is the ultimate solution for them to manage varying operations, both online and offline within a single platform. A POS system has the potential for automated cash collection, sales tracking, B2B & B2C user management, and inventory management.

Reshape your business for better

The Point Of Sale is the core process of any business that sell any type of physical goods, process orders, checkouts, and pay bills. A POS software goes beyond the simple cash register and can ease your business process so you can meet your consumer demands faster.

An ideal payment system for businesses

A high-tech POS system can seamlessly manage your payroll, billing, order processing, accounting and payment. Regardless, suppose you are a retailer, restaurant owner or service provider. In that case, a POS system allows you to receive payment directly to your business account via cash, card, and contactless methods, with an invoice.

Data analytics & sales reporting

A POS System allows store managers, franchise businesses, and retails/restaurant chains to pinpoint their highest-value items and adjust new marketing tactics accordingly. It executes a detailed analysis of data, manages sales reporting, and tracks the performance of each sales channel to augment marketing expenses.

Provide fully-integrated real-time solution

Integrating a customized POS into your operations can help you monitor real-time sales, refund, items catalogue, dynamically updated inventory, and customer-specific pricing from anywhere. You can maximize the productivity of your business by keeping an eye on the real reporting and planning your strategies accordingly.

Our distinctive development process

Empower your performance with our point of sale system

Futurus Technology is a reliable POS software development company which uses emerging technologies to empower your business performance. We offer simplified POS Software solutions that work flawlessly for your industry.

  • Cloud-based POS
  • On-premise POS
  • Terminal POS
  • POS inventory management integration
  • POS analytics integration
  • Mobile payment solutions
  • POS accounting
  • POS configuration
  • POS customer support
  • POS monitoring and assistance
  • Foodservice POS system

Niche-specific POS development solutions

Our custom POS application development solutions fit every budget and equally competent for small start-ups and bespoke enterprises.

  • Retail
  • Healthcare
  • Spa
  • Salon
  • Hospitality
  • Financing
  • Franchise
  • Small business
  • Entertainment
  • Logistics and warehousing