About Us

“You just need an idea, a dedicated approach, and a creative mind to bring your dreams to life.”

How it all started?

We initiated our venture with an idea to help non-technical organizations with the latest technology so that they can progress in the digital revolution. We started with the name SufeeTech in 2010 and now transformed into Futurus Technology with a new vision.

We intended to make innovative integration of Point of sale into ERP systems that can simplify the complex operations of small and big enterprises. With utmost dedication and passion, we have made big things possible.

Today, we have a team of top-level coders, designers, software architects, tech writers, and IT experts to help our expanding clientele gain a competitive advantage.

Pledge to be a genuine tech partner

We have the expertise to boost operational efficiencies with innovation and quality. We are your best technology partner and help bring your idea to life. Our team is equipped with advanced and up-to-date skillsets and knows the value of lasting relationships. We combine focused, detail-oriented action with long-term strategic thinking.

Driving a human-centered business

We know that the success of any company is ultimately measured by its impact on people. This understanding fuels everything we do. Our work with the human-centric philosophy enriches our employees' lives, benefits our clients, and creates a tech ecosystem for the modern world.
Today, Futurus Technology benefits clients of all sizes, including small and big enterprises in Pakistan, to compete in the digital age.

What do we do?

We design, develop, and launch innovative and customize ERP, POS, and web applications that drive revenue. Companies rely on us to stay ahead in today's disruptive digital economy. Our products are our strength, and we put our vision on the pulse of innovation to fuel business acceleration. We offer highly compelling customer experiences and streamline business complexity to maximize ROI

How do we work?

We work with a collaborative, proactive, and innovative approach. We focus on the client's requirements and give them custom-made software solutions that maximize efficiency and increase speed to market.
We architect security into our software development practice from day one and rely only on accredited practice. We continuously monitor the threat landscape to minimize vulnerabilities for our clients.

Advancing with emerging technologies

Technology advances at breakneck speeds, and we ensure to catch up the momentum by staying ahead of emerging technologies. We have all the news about the technologies that will fizzle and fade and have long-lasting outcomes in your industry.

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